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The Southwest Radio Ministries 2014 East Coast Prophecy Conference will be held in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 6-8, 2014. These great speakers will encourage you during these difficult times in our nation and how events in our country and our world are fulfilling Bible end-times prophecy.

Join Rev. Noah Hutchings, Dr. Bob Glaze, Dr. Larry Spargimino, the staff of Southwest Radio Ministries, and our special speakers for three days of great biblical teachings and Christian fellowship!

Details on the 2014 East Coast Prophecy Conference to be announced soon.


We have a great list of speakers lined up for this year's East Coast Prophecy Conference. They promise to encourage you in the faith and equip you with the latest information about the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in order to witness to lost friends and loved ones of Jesus Christ's soon return. Don't miss this important time as we approach the soon Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Rev. Noah Hutchings

Rev. Noah Hutchings is the President of Southwest Radio Ministries and has been with the ministry since 1951. He has written over 100 books covering Bible commentary and prophetic topics. Rev. Hutchings has produced and hosted over 15,000 radio programs and has led mission tours to Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, Cuba, including 50 tours alone to the Israel and the Middle East. His latest book is Revelation For Today, a verse-by-verse study on the Book of Revelation.

Dr. Larry Spargimino

Dr. Larry Spargimino has a doctorate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. He has served as pastor of several churches, including thirteen years at the River Bend Baptist Church in Bristol, Tennessee. Dr. Spargimino joined Southwest Radio Church Ministries in Oklahoma City in June 1998 as associate pastor, and now appears on half of the ministry’s radio programs. He has traveled extensively abroad on missions and Bible tours. His latest book is Digging Deeper

Dr. Bob Glaze

Dr. Bob Glaze is general manager and missions administrator for Southwest Radio Church Ministries. He is a graduate of Baptist College, and received his Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University. Bob is the author of Angels: A Historical and Prophetic Study. He has conducted and led Bible mission tours to Turkey, Greece, Israel, Jordan, China, Mongolia, Syria, and Europe.

Dr. David Schnittger

Dr. David Schnittger is the newest member of the staff at Southwest Radio Ministries. David was a writer and broadcaster for the ministry during the 1970s and 1980s. He also served as area director for Child Evangelism Fellowship in Oklahoma City from 1979 to 1983. He has served as a pastor in Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Maryland, and Virginia. David has a B.A. in Pastoral Training from Moody Bible Institute, a M.Div. and Th.M. in Systematic Theology from Capital Bible Seminary, and a D.Min. in Pastoral Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Ken Hill

Dr. Kenneth C. Hill serves as general manager of WHCB, 91.5 FM, in Bristol, Tennessee. He also serves as vice president for the board of trustees of Southwest Radio Church Ministries. Dr. Hill has authored, or co-authored, several books on various Bible topics. His latest book is Assault on Liberty: Rebirth of the Fairness Doctrine.