Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints


Author: Dr. Aaron Judkins

Dr. Aaron Judkins has produced footprints in rock strata from all
over the world dating to the era before the flood. Many of these
footprints are either adjacent to, or in the same strata, as
prehistoric dinosaurs.

Evolution places man and the dinosaurs 60 million years apart. Dr.
Judkins' research not only proves beyond reasonable doubt that
dinosaurs and man lived at the same time upon the earth but it also
proves that evolution is a false theory.

Dr. Aaron Judkins has provided an academic
service of inestimable value in the search for human fossil footprints
and the origins of mankind. . .The inevitable conclusion to be drawn is
that man is the product of supernatural design and the myriad of
fossils associated with the footprints represent his companions in the
flood - Dr. Carl Baugh, Ph.D., Founder and Director of Creation
Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas

Chapters include:

  • The History of Evolution
  • A Theory Based on Faith
  • A Closer Look at Darwinism
  • The Fossil Record
  • Problems with the Geologic Strata
  • No Transitional Human Forms
  • One Giant Leap for Mankind
  • The Hidden History of Homo Sapiens
  • Footprints: The Human Dimension
  • Tracking Humans

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