The Good Book to Great Health


Author: Dr. Arnold J. Susser

Is it possible to live today to 100, or over, as did Abraham, Joseph,
and Moses? Maybe yes, maybe no. But we do know that the Apostle John
lived to be almost 100, and many of the early Christians lived to be in
their late 80s or 90s, like Justin Martyr, before the Lord called them

Dr. Arnold Susser has a Ph.D. in nutrition and has served with
national league sports teams in advising the best athletes in the world
on food and nutritional supplements. According to Dr. Susser, one of the
main reasons the patriarchs lived so long was that they ate the foods
God told them to eat.

Dr. Susser believes the secret of a long, healthy, and fruitful life
is "being born again, living close to the Lord, and eating the food that
God created and tells us to eat in the Bible."


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