Assault on Liberty: Rebirth of the "Fairness Doctrine"


Author: Dr. Kenneth C. Hill

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan was instrumental in repealing the "Fairness Doctrine." This new freedom of speech led to unprecedented growth in conservative talk radio and Christian radio programming.

However, there are legislators in Congress that want to reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine," claming that conservative and Christian radio programs have an unfair advantage, only promoting one point of view, leaving liberals, socialists, communists, and others with an opposing point of view without representation.

What is behind the resurrection of the "Fairness Docrine"? Do our representatives really want to promote fairness in radio, giving both sides of a particular viewpoint the opportunity to be presented? Or do they want to silence conservative and Christian radio programs because they are successful and liberal radio talk shows are not?

Kenneth Hill presents information about the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the history of the "Fairness Doctrine," why it is anything but fair, and what we need to do about it before it is too late.


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